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Blogging from my phone

This is pretty cool don’t you think? Free wordpress app in my android phone brilliant!

DB2 User group UK

I have recently found the UK DB2 user group To be fair I had found the site a  long time ago but not realised the usefulness of some of the stuff that is on there. So I have emailed to get on the mailing list and look forward to going to the next meeting.

The only problem is that I cant find much information on DB2 LUW, and seems more geared to Z/Os, but we shall see what they have to offer. I am currently working through the resources page ( and seeing what will be useful. There seems to be quite a lot of LUW resources on there, but looking at the minuets of the previous meetings there is not a lot of streams for LUW.

So what to put in my Blog

Who knows what is going to be going on in the blog, well if you look at the top of the page you will see that I am going to be covering, but who knows there may be more, may be less. As you can see I am a natural writer, and this comes really easily to me, so bear with me and I am sure you might find out something useful.