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Mentioned in dispatches from IBM

A while back me and one of the directors at Holiday Extras where I work did a telephone interview with IBM arranged through Triton about the migration we did a while back from DB2 on HP-UX to DB2 on VM’s. It was an interesting experience and we did not have too many revisions and it is now published you can read it here.

Thats about the long and the short of this post, all that is left is to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope you dont get too many OOH calls.

IDUG – EMEA – 13th – 1 DAYS

So I did not write this last night as I was a little tired but here we go now. Not actually a lot to write about the conference so far as nothing is due to happen till today (14th). All I can write about is the travel here and what I have learnt about the hotel so far.

Getting here was a “breeze”. Southern railways train / bus service from Hastings to Gatwick, considering there was a bus involved it was quite good. The bus was packed and there was quite a wait at Haywards Heath. I think this is because the trains carry far more people than the busses can and so several busses have to “catch up”. We arrived at Gatwick by my watch 30 seconds early, well done Southern Rail.

Easyjet first time travelling with them, not everything is explained but if you follow the crowds then you cant go wrong, just make sure you are near the front because the seats are first come first served. That said I still managed to get an isle seat and no one sat next to me. Seats were comfortable and overall I was very impressed with the flight and surrounding experience.

Taxi service from Prague airport to the Clarion Congress hotel was supplied by a company found on the internet – Prague Airport transfer, so far would highly recommend. They were there waiting for me with a name board when I arrived and the taxi was clean and the driver good and chatty. They gave me some money off vouchers various things in prague and a mini map. The other note here is that the confirmation that they send you and the price you see on the website is not each way it is the total price, because to my suprise when we arrived at the hotel he only asked my for half the fare I thought it was going to be.

Calrion Congress has been interesting, the room is brilliant and clean, only one BBC channel “World news” that is the only complaint about the room. I am lucky and it was arranged that everything would be charged to the room, this so far has not worked! I will have to see if it works today or not, think I will take the confirmation emails with me and flash them if it gets rejected again. Also do not put your room card in the same pocket as your mobile IT WILL WIPE IT!!!

So looking forward to the DB2 UDB V9.7 for LUW Advanced Database Administration certification Preparation Seminar with Guy Przytula and try not to be too much of a drag on the rest of the class as I have not quite finished the study guide. So I will try and do a post tonight and keep you all updated.

And thank you all to made this possible at Holiday Extras and Triton Consulting

DB2 LUW Research

I was set a task by one of the company directors to find out about the DB2 ecosystem but there seems to be very little information out there that is freely accessible, or anybody that hints that they have it to buy so I have decided to collect my own. So this is a tester to see how willing you guys are to impart some information, equally once you have filled it in then you should be able to see the answers and have the info too.

So the first question was:

We use DB2 LUW on Linux SUSE. The next of the starter questions for the “DB2 ecosystem” was:

Here at Holiday Extras we use DB2 LUW for OLAP and data warehousing. The final question for this

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. There maybe more questions later and I would really appreciate it if you could keep an eye out and fill them in too.