DB2 User group UK

I have recently found the UK DB2 user group http://www.gseukdb2.org.uk/index.htm. To be fair I had found the site a  long time ago but not realised the usefulness of some of the stuff that is on there. So I have emailed to get on the mailing list and look forward to going to the next meeting.

The only problem is that I cant find much information on DB2 LUW, and seems more geared to Z/Os, but we shall see what they have to offer. I am currently working through the resources page (http://www.gseukdb2.org.uk/techinfo.htm) and seeing what will be useful. There seems to be quite a lot of LUW resources on there, but looking at the minuets of the previous meetings there is not a lot of streams for LUW.

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