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First post on the new home of my blog

This is the first post on my old blog hosted in the new location. I have a new project in the pieline, this will hopefully be a new place for more of my DB2 projects and musing, and this blog can be reverted to its orignal purpose of being more of a personal blog. Thats not to mean that I wont be still putting some DB2 stuff on there but less so.

A bit of history of my blog is that I started it as a bit of an outlet for rant and musings to let off some steam, but then as my DB2 DBA career developed then the blog got more and more DB2 stuff has gone on there, and thats why you guys visit. But to keep it consistant and so I can get this one back to its original then I am going to start a dedicated DB2 blog.

So keep your eyes on Twitter and on the blog for announcements in the next few days.

A DB2 ETL Tool

This is going to be a really short post as it is more of a question. A request for enlightenment into what the rest of the DB2 community does in terms of getting their data from however you guys receive into your database (data warehouse). When you Google for “DB2 ETL Tools” then the first hit is on Developer Works which by the title (ETL solutions for IBM DB2 Universal Database) you think great there’s going to be a list on here, but instead it just points you too the EXPORT, LOAD and IMPORT commands and some very basic script examples of how to get these to work. The next few links are not that good either and googling around the subject you get to various products, non of which are designed to work with DB2 other than through a Java or worse ODBC driver, apart from IBM Data Stage which is very expensive.

I think to myself after seeing this then “How does everyone else do it?”. Having come from a SQL Server background with SSIS and DTS then initially I was shocked at how few tools there are for DB2, without using some verbose logging in text file and emailing you the content, this leads me to think “This is not the way the wide world can do it?”. I have over 400 ETL jobs where ~85% of them need to run everyday, therefore with another developer that has now left we deigned a way to load and record the loading of the jobs. He has now left and support for the tool he made is now becoming harder to do and even when it is it rarely goes smoothly.

So my question to the community is: