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My Christmas Present is Ace

So for Christmas my wonderful fiancée for Christmas bought me a new kindle Kindle, Wi-Fi 6″  and this has enabled me to do a lot more reading of all those ebooks and pdfs that you never realy get round to during the day and the laptop is too big for bed.

I am finding it great, I don’t actually have any “kindle” books on it only pdf’s but is is still great. With the pdf’s (presentations from IDUG this year and IBM redbooks and IBM educational books) depending on the quality of the all I have had to do so far is change the contrast, the kindle works out what size to display on screen although you can change this if you want. It remembers where you have go to even if you move off to another book and you can still bookmark. As they are not kindle books then it does not push the info around different kindle accounts but otherwise I cant fault it so far.

In future expect far more reviews of books and the ideas that they put across in future postings. I am going to start with a big data book that I picked up in hard copy format at IDUG, but have only just got round to reading it recently.

And thank you again honey for such a great gift.

Mentioned in dispatches from IBM

A while back me and one of the directors at Holiday Extras where I work did a telephone interview with IBM arranged through Triton about the migration we did a while back from DB2 on HP-UX to DB2 on VM’s. It was an interesting experience and we did not have too many revisions and it is now published you can read it here.

Thats about the long and the short of this post, all that is left is to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope you dont get too many OOH calls.